uCMDB LDAP configuration

Dear All,

I have configured LDAP on uCMDB 10.22, below are the settings, still it reverts the LDAP is not configured correctly, Please suggest.


Setting Value

LDAP connection string ldap://***.***.com:***/OU=***,DC=***,DC=***,DC=com??sub

Distinguished Name (DN) Resolution true

Root Group DC=***,DC=***,DC=com

Search Retries Count 5

Group Base DC=***,DC=***,DC=com

LDAP Search User CN=Usuario ****,OU=***,OU=***,OU=***,DC=***,DC=***,DC=com

Groups name attribute cn

Is case-sensitivity enforced in LDAP authentication True

Root Group Filter (|(objectclass=group)(objectclass=groupOfNames)(objectclass=groupOfUrls)(objectclass=accessGroup)(objectclass=accessRole))

Default Group

Users object class user

Group Base Filter (|(objectclass=group)(objectclass=groupOfNames)(objectclass=groupOfUrls)(objectclass=accessGroup)(objectclass=accessRole))

Use bottom up algorithm for find parent groups false

Root groups scope sub

Groups member attribute member

Group class object group

Users filter (&(sAMAccountName=*)(objectclass=user))

Enable LDAP authentication false

Scope for groups search sub

Groups display name attribute cn

UUID attribute sAMAccountName

Enable LDAP synchronization true

User display name attribute cn

Groups description attribute description

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