uCMDB 11X SSO Configuration

SSO configuration talks about supporting standalone Tomcat 5.0.28 and 5.5.20. Does it mean that i would have to install a seperate Tomcat for the SSO to work. uCMDB 11X uses Jetty, how do i reconfigure uCMDB to use Apache as a web front end. Any suggestions \ideas are welcome. 

The actual requirement that is driving this effort is to configure uCMDB to use enterprise sso via Oracle Access manager. OAM comes with an apache plugin and i will be able to attach the usercn to the header while sending the login request to uCMDB. Trying to find out how do i configure uCMDB behind an Apache. Do i set it up as a reverse proxy ..., The documents only talk about configuring CMS UI behing IIS or Apache, I dont see any reference interms of configuring the uCMDB application behind IIS or Apache. Let me know your thoughts. I am installing 2018.11 and CMS UI and uCMDB app are on the same server.