UCMDB -UCMDB integration error


I try to integrate 2 UCMDBs. This is OMI (10.33.123 CP24) and APM (10.32.130 CP23) RTSMs.

By default it use ucmdb 9.x connector and work . But when I try to create new integration point with 10.x adapter it fail with authentication error (same user as 9.x adapter used). The error in GUI is follow:

com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.shared.fcmdb.dataAccess.exception.AdapterAccessGeneralException: [ErrorCode
[802] General Integration Error{APM2OMi APM01}]
Failed to log in to host [hostname] with customer name [Default Client], user [omiuser], password
[*************], state [Actual] application name [CMDB Adapter]

In error.log I found follow:

ERROR  [qtp1124971649-6849] (SecurityServiceImpl.java:161) - Error to get ServerAdministrator from URM
        at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.ha.impl.HANetworkAdapter.executeImmediate(HANetworkAdapter.java:470)
        at com.mercury.topaz.cmdb.server.manage.ha.impl.HANetworkAdapter.execute HANetworkAdapter.java:454)

So what can be a reason of such error? Any sugesstion ?