Restrict users from creating CIs in uCMDB

Hi Experts,

I want to create a user role in which user should not be able to create new CIs in uCMDB.

Can anyone please suggest on how to achieve the solution, I have tried using the role Manager "Viewer" but with that I am able to create new CIs.

  • Hi 

    you create such user by folling these steps :-


    Go To User And Roles

    1. Create a Role --> Click on New and create a Role 

    2. Create a User -- > Click on New and map with the role that you create

     Go to Security Manager --> 

     Select Root --> Query --> Permission --> Check 'View' 

     Select Root --> View --> Permission --> Check 'View' 

    Select Root --> Domain --> Permission --> Check 'View'   ---- 'You Can leave this optional' 

    Select Root --> CI Type --> Permission --> Check 'View' 

    Select Root --> Customize --> Permission --> Check 'View' 

    Under Customize you can chose options under modelling , Data flow management, Admin and general action and assign permission as view or other as per your choice