UCMDB First JAVA Adapter Push



I try to develop my first java push adapter for ucmdb and I need some help.

My problem is to finish my adapter that I can not get the informations that come from my TQL in my java code. Then I would have to send this informations to a web service. 

Web service connection, unit testing with hard data in the code ... everything is ok.

Now I just have to get UCMDB information from my TQL. In my case, I have to get computers (ipadress, name, ...)

For the java adapter I use UpdateData Interface.



Need other informations ? 

-ucmdb version 10.22

-webService : CyberArk

-TQL : look like : attachement


Is someone ever had a probleme like this ? Is someone have ever do something similar ? 

Is someone can help me ?

Thank you, for your help