Installation Queries - HP UCMDB 10.3X

Hello All,

I have some queries regarding the installation of HP UCMDB 10.3X:

>> Configuration of Database

We are using MS-SQL as database for HP UCMDB, during the installation there is an option to check "Multi-Tenancy" for database. Is it reccomended or not to enable the multi-tenant mode.

>> Installation of Data Flow Probe

a) Is it reccomended to install it on "Separate Mode' or not. How to decide whether shall I take separate mode or not

b) What is reccomended data flow probe memory size to be provided during installation

c) Do DFP still need embeded PostreSQL for performing interim operations on discovered data, I am considering MS-SQL as database for HP UCMDB

d) During installation, it gives an option to provide password for "sysadmin" which can be used to log in to JMX console. But during installation of UCMDB, I have already provided the credentials for "sysadmin". DFP is installed on separte machine.

e) What is the use Account configuration for Uploading Scan File.

Thanks in Advance!!!