UCMDB 10.x adapter on BSM 9.24

In our environment, BSM was implemented first without the uCMDB, then uCMDB was implemented. We want to integrate BSM and uCMDB.


But i can't find any UCMDB 10.x adapter on BSM Side.  Please tell me how can i install UCMDB 10.x adapter on BSM. Is there any package manger for this? if yes then from where i can get it?


Sumit Kumar

  • Hey Sumit Kumar


    There's two ways to integrate BSM and UCMDB. The preferred method is the push integration from the UCMDB, using the BSM adapter. In the documentation it explains how to get the package(CMS Sync I think) from BSM to the UCMDB with the TQL's you can use for the integration.