UCMDB Server issue

Hi All,


Has anyone else ever seen or know about issues why data being written to UCMDB can suddenly just stop. Basically our UCMDB is on version 10.20 with CUP1 and CP15.02. Our discovery jobs mainly run over night during the week and at weekends. There are days when we come in and find that the queues on the probes are building up in the morning. This constantly keeps happening and in the end the only way to correct this is to stop and restart UCMDB. Even clearing the queues down on the probes may help remove any deadlocks but nothing is written until UCMDB has been restarted.


We have a support case open to investigate why the probes keep filling up as they aren't able to send the data across to UCMDB. When the probes can no longer populate UCMDB, you cant manually add or modify a CI within the GUI either. We can still read data correctly so users aren't affected but we just cant add or modify till we restart UCMDB. This happens on a regular basis so was just wondering if anyone else has seen this issue with UCMDB?


Any advice or tips would be useful.





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