SM Integration: Reference a sub-CIT attribute in the SM Computer Push 2.0 TQL

I posted this ina another forum, but I think this is probably a more appropriate place.

I'm running UCMDB 10.21.383 and SM 9.4.

I'm using the ServiceManagerEnhancedAdapter9-x to push data from the UCMDB into SM.

I'm using the SM Computer Push 2.0 TQL to create computer CIs in SM.

I want to add in a new field to map, the Windows Registered Owner (nt_registeredowner) to the contact name field in SM. See attached screenshot.

The field has been exposed by SM, and I've updated the SM Computer Push 2.0 TQL so that the nt_registeredowner is exposed for the Windows CIT, but I cannot select it as an attribute against the Root Node in the mapping tool.

Can I reference it if I create a groovy script function? If so, how is this done? Basically, if the CIT being pushed is CIT=nt then return the nt_registeredowner value and map to the SM "ContactName" field. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Sam .,

    I hope you are doing great!

    The scripts are in XML file. Would you please show us an example that you are using ?

    Best regards,

  • I'm not quite sure what example you are asking for?

    So far I'm using all out of the box settings.

    Service Manager is now exposing the, as you can see on the left of the screenshot.

    I've dragged that into the Visual Mapping section (in the middle), but I can't see the Windows Registered Owner (nt_registeredowner) in the Atributes secion under the Local Query section. 

    I'm assuming this is due to the attribute belonging to the Windows CIT, not the Node CIT. The SM Computer Push 2.0 TQL uses the Node CIT as the Root.

    I was hoping there was a way to reference this (nt_registeredowner) in the SMPushFunctioins groovy script, if the node I'm puching is of Windows CIT.

    I can provide more tomorrow as I'm not at work at the moment.

  • Hi Sam,

    one option could be make a new TQL that use windows as root and let me know, if you are able to see this specific attribute.

    If the issue continues, it could be good idea support ticket to do further analysis.



    UCMDB support engineer