UD Inventory Capabilities


I'm trying to find the specific capabilities and limitations of UD Inventory (UDI) specifically for gathering of hardwared specifications on scanned systems.  The HP Universal CMDB 10.21 Help Center states "Inventory Discovery, which also includes Infrastructure discovery, determines which devices are in your network and gathers information about each of them." What information exactly?

Can UDI capture all of the hardware and software components locally installed on a given CI to provide a full, complete picture of a given CI?  E.g., things such as 

  • Virtual Host (if OSI is a VM)
  • OS Name, Revision, Timezone
  • Memory
  • Processor
  • Local and Network Storage Devices and Their Sizes
  • Locally Installed Software (e.g., Apache Web Server)
  • Locally Installed Devices (e.g., DVD Players)
  • OS Kernel Parameters
  • Locally Installed Databases (their names, DB type [MSSQL, Oracle, etc.])

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!