About CMDB-CMS Policy

I want not know if policy can be written for checking Server connectivity to only curtain model/type of router.

If someone has done this then please can you share a screenshot.



Note: I am aware that the product is capable in Identify unsupported configurations & also Check for geographic redundancy.

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  • Why should this be a problem? Just create a Query TQL relating a Computer Node CIT to a Router Node CIT, set a vendor attribute on the Router Node CIT, create a Topology Policy based on this new Query TQL and off you go?


    Am I missing something?


    And no, I don't have a router to play with at the moment, but a Topology Policy should be workable for your situation.

  • Can the result from the Topology Policy give the reports (as shown in the screen above)?

  • Without a concrete use case it's not easy to give an answer to your question. However because I don't want to be a spoilsport, here's my opinion. If your server has an attribute that indicates its priority, or is present in a collection of high priority servers (which you created), then yes, given a properly set up Topology Policy (relating high priority servers to router type nodes only, which will fail if the connected host is a switch type), you can have Configuration Manager present you with reports which show composite CI structure and relationships, as well as the topology policy result. This is an out of the box feature of Configuration Manager.