UCMDB / Service Manager adapter and duplicates


we are using UCMDB 10.31, HP SM 9.41 and the "normal" Service Manager adapter with logical name solution.

We have several push issues, and I don't know, how to handle them. We have 3 environments, dev, integration and production. Normally we are developing the adapter in our dev environment and after that, we are importing the adapter into the integration environment.

We have this kind of issues:

a. If we delete the integration point and recreate it, we are getting duplication errors, during the next full sync. This seems to be logical correctly, because we already pushed them with the former integration point. Unfortunately the  adapter can't handle it (it is producing errors).  A recreation of the integration point leads to a new mapping table in the database. All former push activities were lost and that leads to the duplicate errors. 

Has anybody a solution for that problem ? I mean a solution, where I don't have to delete the CIs in the service manager.

b. If I don't recreate the integration point, can I import the new adapter package and all changes would be considered during the next push?

c. Is there a possibility to import the UCMDB job settings from our dev environment into our integration environment without recreating the whole integration point ?

d. Sometimes it is possible to make a full sync without failures, sometimes not. Is it ever planned in the system to make several times a full sync, or is that forbidden ? What else do I have to do, if I like to do a full sync again ?

e. How are other customers do their adapter development ? I don't think, that everbody is developing in the production system ....

f. Can anybody share his experience with the Service Manager adapter ? Does it make sense to use the enhanced Service Manager adapter ?

Because there isn't enough HP documentation available, I would be happy, if somebody likes to answer :-)





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  • Hello Melissa,

    I already opened a ticket, but the answer from HP support is not really helpful.

    They suggest to delete all the things in the service manager, which was transported via the UCMDB adapter.

    I think they ignore, that I can't do that in the system, especially if I have the problem in my production environment.

    Additional I like to know, how other companies are handling this problem.



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