UCMDB 2020.05 REST API call /exposeCI/getInformation issue


When trying to perform /exposeCI/getInformation REST API call and in the layout context is specified user defined attribute whose value is expected to be return for the matching CIs, an error is reported stating that the attribute is not defined for the specified class:

"The following error has occurred: Attribute CustVMotionFriendly is not defined in class node. Please consult logs for more details."

The attribute CustVMotionFriendly is properly added and can be populated via the graphical interface without a problem.

This is the payload for the call:
  "layout": [
  "includeSubtypes": true,
  "filtering": {
    "conditions": [
        "column": "name",
        "filteringAttributeCondOperator": "EQUALS",
        "value": [
    "logicalOperator": "and"
  "type": "node",
  "sortBy": [
      "attribute": "name",
      "order": "ASC"

Is it possible that user defined attributes cannot be used at all with this call? If so, it seems like discrepancy when compared to the GUI.

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Vlatko Postolov