Agentless and Agent Discovery

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I have installed UCMDB/UD 10.33 along with the dataprobe. I have asked the customer to open the dynamic port range i.e. 1024 - 65535 for WMI and 22 for SSH. I  am planning to do the agentless discovery so my question will i get the all the software details if i do an agentless discovery? Can someone explain  me in detail as what are the benifits from agent discovery compared to agentless discovery.

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Vinay S Kadival

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  • Agreed, for example with Linux hosts you need to put the dmidecode in the sudo list for the SSH protocol.  For ESX servers, using just the VIM protocol it is possible to get the physical host's BIOS version via the VMware API, but the discovery job doesn't do it (yet).  Many disocovery jobs require elevated access and UCMDB can facilitate that so I don't think it is a significant obstical..