UCMDB Tip : Undefined error code. Code number:6054

"Undefined error code. Code number:6054" error when running the following discovery jobs: 

Inventory Discovery by Scanner

Update UD Agent

Migrate UD Agent




This is an issue with the UI and the error message should be "Workflow job timeout exceeded" and this happens when the scheduling interval is small (smaller than the parking interval) and started while the job is in PARKING.

Variations can be seen in different CUP packages such as "Undefined error code. Code number:6056" or "CI [{0}] Property was filtered due to incompatible attributes".


This issue will be fixed in UCMDB 10.01 CUP 10, UCMDB 10.10 CUP 2.




Reference : http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM00947939