UCMDB Tip: Fatal error when logging on to UCMDB

When logging in to UCMDB UI, a fatal error occurs with the following message:


"A fatal error has occured during the UCMDB applet initialization.
The application might have entered an unstable state.
It is recommended that you close all brows
er windows and restart the application."





Verify if the Infrastructure parameter "Object root" under Infrastructure Settings Manager > <All> Object Root > shows the Value "managed_object" instead of "managed.object".

If not, through JMX console ( http(s)://<ucmdbServer>:<port>/jmx-console )UCMDB:service=Settings ServicessetInternalSetting

update "mam.common.general.object.root" key with the value managed_object




Reference : http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM00940212