UCMDB Support Tip : What is the attribute name to store the IP address on Node CI?

Question :

When using HP Operation Orchestration with Web service to add “Node CI” with hostname and IP address on UCMDB, property name for hostname of “Node CI” is shown as “primary_dns_name”. 

There is no known attribute name for IP address of “Node CI”. So, what is the attribute name of IP address on “Node CI” on UCMDB?




There is no attribute to store the IP address on the Node CI, instead it is modeled as a separate CI ip_address (display name IpAddress) connected to the Node via the containment relationship.


Usually, the jobs that discover the Node and connected IP addresses (e,g. Host Connection jobs) connect the IP address CI via containment relationship to both the Node and the Interface (the CI representing network interface/network card).