UCMDB Tip : How to edit/delete a value from an enum system type

This article will explain how to edit/delete an enum value from system type in uCMDB 10.01 and after, using the jmx console.



One can use the jmx to perform such an operation, after one checked that no CI is having the value we are about to delete set in one attribute, nor that any TQL/enrichment is using it.



To do so:

1) Log out of the uCMDB UI


2) Go to the jmx-console: http(s)://<ucmdbServer>:<port>/jmx-console, and log on as sysadmin


3) Go to the URM Services service


4) Invoke listResources() with customerID=1 and resourceType = CM_TYPE_DEF


5) In the list obtained, click on the enum system type name you want to alter.


6) Locate in the xml generated the part you need to modify/delete, and do the necessary changes.


7) Click on Save.



Your system type definition has now be modified in the database. You need however to load the changes in memory. To do so:



8) Still on the jmx-console, go to the Class Model Services service


9) Invoke reloadClassModelFromPersistency() with customerID=1





You are now done. Next time you connect to uCMDB UI, and go to the system type manager, you'll see the changes you made in the modified enum system type.





Reference : http://support.openview.hp.com/selfsolve/document/KM00866143