(UCMDB) Support Tip - UCMDB-UCMDB Integration wrongly merges CIs


When running a PUSH synchronization between two UCMDB 10.33 CUP2 servers, many CIs are wronly merged on the destination server, and thus the synchronization ends with inconsistent results.



Looking at the source fcmdb.synchronizer.log file, one can see many Unix CIs being mapped to a single CI. This is visible in log section, visible when DEBUG is enabled, starting with:

Data store []: Mapping returned from DB: etc...

This is the cause of the problematic merge on the destination. To solve this issue, one can run, on the source UCMDB sever, from the jmx-console, the removeIdMappingsOfDataStore() method.

In UCMDB 10.33 CUP3 and CMS 2018.08, is introduced a new setting: remove.duplicate.of.id.mapping that one can set from jmx. If set to true, it will (proactively) remove the need to run the removeIdMappingsOfDataStore() jmx method.