Change IP Address of uCMDB server

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I have the following question:

We have installed uCMDB server and a Data Flow Probe and each one of them has an IP Address that has to be changed. Do we have to do the installation again or the IP Address can easily change?

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    Do you have an embedded format?


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  • Hi Costas,

    Reinstalling the Probes is not necessary.  Please refer to the information below:

    In C:\hp\UCMDB\Data Flow Probe\conf folder:

    1. Open the file and update the following properties:


    2. Open the probeMgrList.xml, locate the line that starts with <probeMgr ip= and update the Probe Manager machine name or IP address, for example:

    <probeMgr ip="EXAMPLE01">

    3. Stop the Probe

    4. Clear the Probe cache

    5. Restart the Probe

    Additional information on this topic can be found in the DataFlowManagement guide.


  • Hi Plamen,

    thank you for your answer.

    I understand the process of changing the Ip Address of a probe, but what about the uCMDB server?

    Have in mind that we do not use PostgreSQL, but an Oracle DB installed on a different server.

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  • Hi Costas,

    I'm not sure if we have documentation on the topic so I tried it in my lab and I managed to change it.:

    1. Stop uCMDB server

    2. Change the IP of the network adapter

    3. Start the server.

    Please have in mind that I don't have any LBs connected to the network so I don't know if the above will work in such environment.


    I hope this helps.


  • UCMDB server was installed and now IP of UCMDB host has been changed. However, at this moment, it's not possible to reinstall the UCMDB server. Can you confirm where we need update new IP has in the UCMDB server configurations or can we update the new IP from UCMDB server configuration wizard.

    I dont find any particular documentation on MF support site regarding the UCMDB server IP change

    Thanks in advance

    awaiting your early response.