Change IP Address @ uCMDB server or probe

Hi all,

we have installed a uCMDB server and a probe and we have to change these IP Addresses.

Do we have to reinstall the software or we can change the ip address without any damages in what we already have?

Thank you in advance


  • Hello Costas,

    For IP change on ucmdb environment please follwo the steps below:

    1. on UCMDB server you can use "UCMDB server configuration wizard".  Follwo the steps from the GUI inteface and setup new IP addresses as you need. Please note that you have to stop UCMDB server first.

    2. on Probe site you have to edit DataFlowProbe.propereties file manualy.  Within that file you need to enter new hostname or IP address and new server communication ports if there is changes. Once when you are done, just restart the probe server and go to ucmdb web UI and check probe status. 

    3. at last but not least, Check all setting/configuration in ucmdb -> infrastructure settings in case if you have any aditional services who run on standalone servers like ucmdb Browser, Solr... etc. .





  • Hello Hristo

    UCMDB server was installed and now IP of UCMDB host has been changed. However, at this moment, it's not possible to reinstall the UCMDB server.
    Could you please show the specific section/Tab in UCMDB server configuration wizard where we need to update the new IP

    I would be greatful to you for this kindness
    thanks in advance.