Enrich Default Label of specific CIT

Hi all,

Environment: uCMDB 10.33 Servers 2012 R2


At Running Software CIT there is an attribute called root_container_name which is very useful as a default label along with the CI's name.

In this way, you can understand to which node the running software belongs, as the label shows for example uda(node1.company.com) instead of just uda.

We want to use the same attribute also in Application resource CIT and NodeElement CIT, in order to enrich the default label with the container'e name.

Is it possible and how?

Thanks in advance

Costas Vergakis


  • There are three enrichments already made for your case. You have to just schedule them:




    However for other types, not part of the Running Software branch, you will face some issues:

    1. There are no containers for Application Systems

    2. You have to change the default label mechanism in the CI Type manager for each CI type you want to use.


    The other option for you may be to put the value you want to see as label into the User Label attribute. It overrides the ci type manager rules.

    Keep in mind enrichments are very costly and should not be used on a large quantity of CIs or you will face java heap issues.