LDAP Mapping

Hi all,

at my newly installed uCMDB 10.33, when i go to Managers -> Security -> LDAP Mapping i see the following message:

"LDAP is not configured correctly. Configure the required settings in Administration -> Infrastructure Settings Manager -> LDAP..."

Going to LDAP General I have the following default settings:

  • Check subgroup existence in the LDAP Mapping UI: True
  • Enable LDAP Authentication in non interactive flows: True
  • Enable User Permissions Syncchronization: True
  • Is case-sensitivity enforced when authenticationg with LDAP: False
  • Remote users repository mode: False

Do I have to change these settings??

In a later step I want to tranfer users from my production ucmdb by making a package.

Is this possible?

Thank you in advance,



  • Hello Costas,


    for 10.33 I would recommend in using the new UI LDAP mapping, it's in the Administration console of the Browser.


  • Hi Costas

    Please check in your  LDAP settings in jmx-console, try to invoke below method

    Mbean: UCMDB:service=LDAP Services. Method: getLDAPGroupMappings

    If it is  failed, please kindly check your group and ldap connection accordingly in LDAP Settings.



  • Hi Vergakis,

    LDAP is not configured correctly. It's clear that OU you have configured is not correct.

    1) you required an ldap user to search
    2) install ldap admin software to check if your OU is correct
    3) uCMDB Maps with group in Ldap not with OU
    4)if your ldap mapping is correct then ucmdb security ldap map will populate automatically
    5) you have create group in ucmdb, provide them roles then you will able to login with that ldap user
    6) I didn't understand about - In a later step I want to tranfer users from my production ucmdb by making a package.

    I might help you with configure if you can share the setting.

    Thank you
  • Thank you all for your responses.

    I have to notice that the ucmdb server joined the domain AFTER the ucmdb application installation and i am wondering if this is a problem.

    Furthermore, when I go to jmx-console  -> UCMDB:service=LDAP Services -> configureLdapServer I insert the ldapURL and press Invoke, the jmx-console seems to crash and redirects me to https://localhost:8443 page.

    I hope that i do NOT have to reinstall the application...

    I would appreciate your help on this.