Host connection by WMI (error)



I'm new to uCMDB and i'm not able to trouble shoot some errors.


<< Progress message, Severity: Warning>>
WMI: No agent on the remote machine.

<< Progress message, Severity: Fatal>>
Triggered CI invoked on discovery job does not meet the discovery adapters inputTQL


Host connection by WMI is showing lot of error message.


What i need to do for this? How to start looking into this.




  • Below is a note from the Data Flow Management Guide:


    A Trigger query associated with a job is a subset of the Input query, and defines which specific CIs
    should automatically trigger a job. That is, if an Input query queries for IPs running SNMP, a Trigger
    query queries for IPs running SNMP in the range

    Note: A Trigger query must refer to the same objects as the Input query. For example, if an
    Input query of an adapter queries for IPs running SNMP, you cannot define a Trigger query for
    an associated job to query for IPs connected to a node. This is because some of the IPs may
    not be connected to an SNMP object, as required by the Input query.


    Was there any change done to the Trigger query ? Also, can you please post the probeMgr-adaptersDebug.log and probe-error.log from the probe server @E:\hp\UCMDB\DataFlowProbe\runtime\log


    Mentioning the uCMDB and content pack versions would help HP experts to answer you faster.




  • Hi,


    UCMDB 9.05 CUP 12.351 and CP 11.10.


    Please find the log file's uploaded.


    Thank You.




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