(UCMDB) Support Tip - Need to identify class package for BTF and SiteScope to use with UCMDB

In the event of having an external UCMDB that is the "source of truth" between APM and OMi. And require to identify the class package for Business Transactions and Business Transaction Flow CIs as well as for SiteScope.
As well, how to get the latest class package to import into UCMDB?

To be able to accomplished such request, after exhaustive verification on Configuration Item class by class comparison on the two different UCMDB versions:
•        10.32 which is used by the APM RTSM
•        10.33 which is the external UCMDB version proposed

The only class level differences found are:
•        Amazon Web Services (AWS) classes
•        Google Cloud classes

If using AWS or Google Cloud in the infrastructure (discovered by Universal Discovery).

If this infrastructure is not used, most definetely there is class compatibility without the need for deploying
content packs on either APM or UCDMB for this integration.