(UCMDB SUPPORT TIP) - SQL Server Issues Due to Space - high number of records in sync_id_map


Is it  possible to drop the sync_id_map table to resolve space issues piece by piece or there are mandatory relations in this table to other tables ?



1) It is ok to drop only that table piece by piece and should not affect other tables . Typical SQL would be :

DELETE top(1000000) FROM [dbo].[SYNC_ID_MAP] WHERE DS_ID = 22

2) Also if a customer is using the Full Recovery model in their database setup , the transaction logs could be taking up a lot of the space. ? Ticking the "Truncate the transaction log" check box on the Back Up Database screen of the MS SQL GUI could help here .
Please note that all deletions and truncations are the responsibilty of the customer and any truncations or deletions must always be preceeded by a full , easily - recoverable database backup.

Ana Acosta
Software Engineer Asset Manager & Universal Discovery & CMDB
IT Operations Management Micro Focus Software