DDMi Migration to uCMDB

Hello Everyone,


We've been running DDMi 9.32 and uCMDB 10.11 in large environment (30K servers).  Both applications are used to populate AM via CIT - with DDMi providing inventory scans and the CMDB host/guest relationships via discovery patterns - no scan data.  


We are targeting migrating DDMi to uCMDB next month.  The migration guide outlines how to move from DDMi to CMDB .  


My quesiton is this:  I'd like to flush the CIs out of the existing CMDB before cutting over, since there are differences in how the discovery patterns populate information and how scanner discovery captures the data.   


What's the best method (read least risky) to clear / flush the CMDB so that all discovery data can be reset to scans? 


We are trying to keep the AM data consistant and think this would be the least painful mehod to cut over.











  • Hi Ed,


    To do this, the best method will be to delete using enrichment rule. Using enrichment you can delete all the data from UCMDB, just select the appropriate CIT, which is the parent for other CITs to be deleted. Please refer to our docs for furthe details on how data is deleted in HP uCMDB.


    However, and important fact to keep in mind is that it has limits on how data it can delete, therefore you will need to do it in steps in case you have lots of data.


    Hope this helps,

    Ana Acosta-Diaz


  • thanks for answering Ana - unfortunately with 10M CIs will need to find a better method. Sense I have a month before we start the migration - thinking of making the aging period to one week and allow the CMDB to start drawing down CIs.