(UCMDB Support Tip) - No agent on the remote machine


In the event when discovering windows devices and get the following error:

<<Progress message, severity: Warning>>WMI: No Agent on remote machine



Please be advise WMI uses DCOM as underlying protocol. WMI discoveries: TCP ports 1024 through 65535.

Due to WMI running on top of DCOM, by default it selects an arbitrary port between 1024 and 65535 for its connections, also ports 137, 138, and 139 are used by WMI.

It is suggested to first navigate to Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Services/Applications > Services: Check if remote procedure call (RPC) service has started and is set to Automatic.

In addition, on the Security tab, expand root to display a list of namespaces.

If one have added Discovery credential user to one of the namespace, select that a grant  the following permissions:

Execute Methods

Enable Account

Remote Enable


Repeat the above procedure to Root\Default namespace as well