(UCMDB Support Tip) - Agents have many /root/.discagnt/aioptionrc files with random 4 characters


Agents have many /root/.discagnt/aioptionrc files with random 4 character extensions. 

This happens on the servers which have a shared home dir on a nfs drive.

This has caused Locked Scanner errors and scans failing.

It is happening when SSH was being used for scanning.



When the home dir is on a shared nfs drive with a number of servers.

Also SSH is being used for the connection instead of UD agent.

Please change the following at the globalSettings.xml file in adapter management.


This setting needs to be changed to true.

What it would do - it would start adding the host name into the home path that is used to store agent options and scan files, etc.

This way each target would get a unique directory for its own files as intended.

The setting is documented here:


Also, the following needs to be changed in such situations:

Modify the sudoer configuration to the following to get udscan to run under different home directories.