Problem with UCMDB to ServiceNow push adapter- SQL CI Push - Need Help

Hi All,


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New Question -

I have use the OTB code and modified for SQL CI and successfully pushed to table CMDB_CI_Database in Service now. However the type showed Oracle rather SQL.


I contacted HP to fix this and got suggestion that I should use CMDB_CI_DB_MSSQL_instance table in servicenow to push this. NOT CMDB_CI_Database


The same code which is attached when i used for instance table i am getting an error - Attached debug log and communication log). I am not sure why it's keep giving the error unable to connect to Serrvice now table.


Can someone please provide me guidence what to do, why I am getting this error.

I have also attache the screen shot of tables in service now. in instance table it created an empty row but also giving error.


UCMDB 10.11 CUP 14.03