UCMDB search folder



UCMDB has the folder c:\hp\UCMDB\UCMDBServer\search\


Where can I read about it and how to manage it?




  • UCMDB 10.10 is using SOLR for language enabled search in Browser and other parts.

    Folder c:\hp\UCMDB\UCMDBServer\search\ contains indexes of data.

    There is nothing to do with the data indexes in the folder.

    The indexer configuration is available in JMX console under Search Services.


  • Are you asking because the search folder has grown -- I've seen search folders grow to over 16GB (depends on the number of CIs to be indexed including added CIs to be indexed)


    If you need to reindex after adding new CIT(s) to be indexed, it'll take about 1 hour per million CIs


    To reindex go to the JMX Console > Topology Search Services Mbean > reindex method


    Here's an example of the search folder size that has never been reindexed at 16.4GB

    Additions were made to add CI Types to be indexed and a reindex was needed


    Before Reindex


    15 minutes after Reindex started


    65 min after Reindex started


    After Reindex finished, 180 min after Reindex started

  • Hi All,


    I am sorry if I am putting my query on a closed thread, I have the same question about the Search folder in uCMDB, Every now and then I am performing the indexing to keep the folder size in control but My folder is grown to 22gb and I am not very sure if that data useful or not? 


    Can anyone please help me to understand the importance of this folder and other then indexing do we have a better approach to keep this folder under control.


    Today morning we had an issue in uCMDB and we restarted the application cause it was consuming close to 20gb memory,

    it didn't start and got hung at "Topology search -starting status"

    while troubleshooting we found that one of the database Indexing caused the delay, it took almost 35 minutes to come up.


    Thank you!