How often do you backup the BD UCMDB?

Hello to all the administrators of UCMDB and knowledgeable about this topic.

How often should I request backups to the ucmdb databases?
Should it be a daily or weekly task?

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    The most important part of the UCMDB is the Database. Be sure to back it up frequently and that the restore procedures are checked in place and tested from time to time. If you have the database backup in place, you can install UCMDB for 1-2 hours. There are very few configuration files you may need during new installation - cmdb.conf(connection credentials to the DB), (override settings for Infrastructure), wrapper-platform.conf (JMX Memory Settings), server.keystore, server.truststure (SSL Certs). If you have DFP in place, you may need the,, the keystore,trustore files and for the password for accessing them.


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  • I believe our UCMDB DB backup frequency is a full backup weekly with daily incrementals.  More frequent full backups may depend on your available resources and Database Administration policies.

  • It also depends on who much data do you have and how frequent are the updates.
    Even if you lose a week of discovery updates you cans till get that data from the complete Communication logs if discovery is your only source of data.

  • thanks, What kind of backup and how often should I apply to the DBA.
    In order to execute select or truncate directly from the JMX, should I have special permission? The idea is not to be asking everything to the DBA.