Call Home vs Agent Driven Inventory

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I need to discover software utilization so i am using agents on desktops/laptops. For those special cases of VPN, users who are moving all the time and getting different ip addresses, etc. what would be the best approach: Call Home or Agent Driven?

What are the main advantages/disadvantages/differences between them?

From what i was able to read, when using Call Home the discovery is done step by step and between each step there is communication between the agent and the probe while in Agent Driven the agent will run full discovery and only comunication with the probe to send the results correct?

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Bruno Bispo

  • You should use Agent Driven Inventory Discovery (ADID) for your use case.

  • Thank you for the reply Bogdan.

    When using ADID we define the scan schedule in the agentDrivenInventoryConfiguration.xml file and from what i understood when the agent installation ends it connects to the probe and retrieves that config (the schedule definition will be stored locally at the scanschedule.txt correct?)

    My questions are:

    1) If we want to change the scan schedule after the initial deploy do we need to go to each agent and change it manually in the scanschedule.txt or can it be done centrally and then the agent will pick up the change?

    2) I see the following example in documentation

    <scan-frequency>7</scan-frequency><!--We want to run the scan each day-->

     I thought this configuration meant to run scan every 7 days....not every day....

    Does the scan definitions regarding frequency, days and hours mean the periods on which the scan is authorized to run? How/Where do we specify the day(s) and hour(s) that we want the scan to start?

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    Bruno Bispo

  • Verified Answer

    For your 1st question. you can modify the scanshedule and run Update UD Agent can help you to change it centrally. Make EnableAgentDrivenFlow - true on job. You can test it.

    2nd question. Days and hours can be defined here.
    <scan-day name="any"> <!-- Defines scan days of a week (allowed values are from Monday to Sunday, and all, any, or * to mean any day) -->
    <hour>any</hour> <!-- Defines hours in a day (allowed values are from 0 to 23, and all, any, or * to mean any time) -->