Update 10.33 to 2019.05. Tips

Hello everyone. I have been asked to migrate UCMDB version 10.33 to the most recent one, I think 2019.05 Based on your experiences or what recommendation does Micro Focus have for this procedure, is this update simple? Or should I consider implementing from scratch? Is there any documentation? Have you used 2019.05? How many improvements does it bring us or what is your recommendation of the best version of these last 10 months? Finally, how long will version 10.33 have support? Thanks for contributions.
  • We needed to upgrade from 10.22 to 2019.05.  I chose to do a clean install.  I hadn't done most of the setup of 10.22 and I wanted to learn the details.  The customer didn't want downtime and I could not give a time frame.  I was able to create packages of the configuration and most came over.  My zones did not, even though the output of the load said it had.  I don't know where they went.  If you have a lot of zones recreating them would be a pain.  We also had several DFPs.  I have encountered some issues, but the learning and fixing has been well worth it.

    Some warnings.  If you use NTLM to connect to remote SQL database you will need a hot fix.  The wizard doesn't work otherwise.  If you have a CA the passwords you put in during the install/configuration are not used.  The configuration has default passwords.  I had a problem changing the passwords using the jmx-console.  There is a script to make the changes, but the documentation is wrong (don't add spaces between the arguments, like -fxxx and not -f xxx).

    From an admin GUI there is no difference.  From a browser GUI it looks and runs much better and has more functionality.


  • Hi Mel, thanks for your input.
    Regarding licensing there is something to consider
    or some important modification.

    I look forward to more contributions.

  • OOPS, forgot that.  If you have any integrations, like an Excel spreadsheet, you will need a license for that in addition to the base license and whatever else you have.

    Sorry about that.

  • Thanks again, but I mean licensing  of cis (nodes, network devices, etc).

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  • If it's not too late, you will need to migrate your entire UCMDB 10.x licenses to 2019 versions as they will not work. This means the customer needs to work with their MicroFocus rep to get the paperwork signed, etc. before starting any upgrade.



  • Also check for the UD Agent versions before the upgrade. Make sure that all your UDAs are on the latest version of the 10.33 deployed CP.

    Upgrading them after the upgrade it will be challenging.