uCMDB 11.33 - certificates in server.keystore overwritten at startup

Hi experts

I started to use certificates signed by Root CA and tried to replace the OOTB keystore with new certificates.
Using hardening and troubleshooting guide (https://docs.microfocus.com/UCMDB/10.33/ucmdb-docs/docs/eng/doc_lib/Content/admin/ConfigManagDB_tr_trouble_limits.htm?Highlight=keystore) it looks now quit good. But I have strange behaviour at start of the windows service:

Before start my new server.keystore has 3 certificates (1x server, 2x root ca) this looks good with "keytool -list" command.
When starting uCMDB Sevice again the content of server.keystore changes back to default.
Means after startup i can run same command (keytool -list) and i get the default certificate "hpcert".
The password (storepass) value is the same. So I assume there is a startup behaviour which cleans my keystore and loads default certificate back..
How can I prevent this? Any known bug?

Thanks in advance for your help!