LDAP Integration for uCMDB 10.11

Hi All

I am trying to integearte LDap and UD 10.11 . I have provided all the details in INfrastructurre mangager , still it gives error message as LDAP not configured properly . I am not seeing any relevant error message in error.log .


Is there any other log file which I can check to get detailed errors .




  • Hi,

    We have an expert day going on regarding UCMDB and UD,  where we have Support and Product Experts in the forum for 24 hours to take your questions.  This forum is only accessible to customers/partners that have a valid SAID (Support Agreement ID) in their passport profile.

    I see that you have access to the forum  UCMDB and UD Support Customer Forum . So please feel free to submit your questions in this forum. Even after the expert day has ended we always have support engineers monitoring the forum and are also available to address your questions.