A sql administrator pointed me at the dbo.CCM_DISCOVERY_DESTS_RESULTS table.

This table is part of the UCMDB SQL Database

This table contains 43 million records.

Is there a way so that I can tune this value or restrict the max amount of records in this table?

I am running on uCMDB 10.01 and the SQL Server is SQL2008


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  • It looks like the CCM_DISCOVERY_DESTS_RESULT table stores (or indexes, rather) relationships between customers, jobs, trigger CIs and discovered CIs. I am guessing the resulting table's size depends on the amount of jobs you're running, the size of your trigger TQLs and the number and size of your probe ranges. I figure you could bring down the number of rows by bringing down the number of triggered CIs, reducing the size of the ranges, split CI types more specifically across jobs. How many CIs do you have in your CMDB? Why would you want to bring down the number of rows in that table? Is it pressing down on your storage?


  • Verified Answer

    At the moment there is no method of removing deleted CIs from the table. 

    There is an open change request for an implementation of clean up from inside the product. It could be found on HP SSO at .

    By now, the recommendation is to trancate the table.

    Before to truncate the table CCM_DISCOVERY_DESTS_RESULTS all the probes MUST be stopped.

    After the start of the probes we expect the speed for processing data will be increased.

    Hope this helps.