No links created between FileSystem CI and Oracle DBDataFile CI



We have made an Oracle DB discover using jobs below :
Host application By Shell
Host Conenction By Shell
Oracle topology By SQL
Oracle Config Files by SQL
Oracle DataBase connection By SQL
Oracle TCP Ports

Result => A lot of Ci discovered, including Unix Filesystem, and also DbDatafiles (and TableSpace) ...
I've check these both CI Type and i have saw that there a link (Usage) between these 2 CIT, but no link appear in the UI with none FileSystem or DBDataFiles objects ...
After seek, i try to run the job "Link DbDatafiles and clustered FS" (from OracleLMS Module) but unfortunately, it doesn't launched as i was thinking, because we have no Oracle cluster in this case ...
So is there a way to automatically relate these 2 CIT's ? run an additionnal Job ? check an additionnal job option (from the job ran above) ?


thanks in advance,