Activities job templates management



In the past, i have created 3 job templates int he activity management ...

But now in 10.10 version CUP2, i have not the avauilability to :

 - remove any templates

 - add new templates


How can i manage my own template ? from the jmx ???


thanks in advance

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    Hi Esposito ,

    This is from UCMDB Help Guid

    To create a discovery activity template:

    1.Go to Data Flow Management > Universal Discovery > Zone-based Discovery > Management Zones.

    2.Select the Management Zones tree root.

    3.In the Management Zone Actions pane on the right, click the View/Edit Discovery Activity Templates button.

    4.In the Discovery Activity Templates dialog box that opens, click Create Discovery Activity Template .

    The New Discovery Activity Template wizard opens.

    5.Enter a name for the discovery activity template and click Next.

    6.On the Select Discovery Jobs page, click Add Job .

    7.In the Select Jobs dialog box, select jobs to include in the discovery activity template.


    •To find a specific job, click the Find Jobs button.

    •You can also select entire job modules.

    8.Click Finish to save the activity template.

    from JMX please look into section ==UCMDB:service=Discovery Manager

    JMX is pretty complicated to handle UI is best approach

  • Hello,


    I can't managed template. I can add template and create a new discovery based on templates.

    Is it possible to delete or modify template ?


    Thanks all