LDAP integration in UCMDB

We have had LDAP integration in UCMDB for quite some time now and have just recently added a domain group to one of the AD groups that are associated to one of our roles. The group shows up in UCMDB below the primary role group but does not seem to allow any of the users in the domain group to access the app at all (in this case as read only role) but just brings them to the profile page which we know signifies no permissions. Any ideas on why or if there are any other changes needed to allow a nested group to be acknowledges and assigned permissions?

thank you


  • Not Sure which version your are referring ,Could You please check in Security Manager When You select Root Resources what kind of the Permission your New UCMDB defined role has under Permission Sections check for all the querries ,Views Domains CI types Customization etc

    Something might be missing there

    Cheer :)