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I have contact HP support and it was mentioed that PushDB Example OOB is not working. I would like to export computer data and running services. Does anybody have more frienly manual how this is done instead of Developer ref?



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  • Hello,


    The existing push adapter needs some changes in order to run it, this is due to environment customizations: some clients use Oracle some SQL Server as database storage. Depending on this you have to run or modify the existing queries in order to create in your database the tables where to push the data. Regarding the adapter code changes, you need to update the names of the  used tables with the names of the tables from your DB where you want to push the data: for examples UCMDB_Node to dbo.UCMDB_NODE (on my SQL). You also have to make sure that the default value from db for the COUNTER table is set to 0 (mainly SQL databases).


    I also suggest asking for some help from support since there are just some minor changes to be done in order to run this adapter.


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