Adding two attribute values in an enrichment rule

I am trying to add two attributes in uCMDB 10.22. I have a CPU CI with a custom attribute that needs to contain the sum of two the values in two other attributes within the same CI. All the attribute types are integers. 

Attribute A = Attribute B Attribute C within the same CIT instance.

I am trying to do it with an enrich ment rule however, I do not see the ability to add two attribute values. 


  • Yes, you can give Attribute A the value of Attribute B Attribute C

    In Enrichment Mode, right-click on the CIT you wan to update and select Update Query Node

    Select Attribute A or the Attribute you want updated with Attribute B Attribute C

    Select the Advanced radial and click on the elipses

    Click on the add icon twice for

    And Select on the Concetanate radial

    For the first line,  change the Type from Simple to By Attribute

    Select the Value as the CIT or another CIT in your enrichment

    Select Attribute B in the drop down menu for Advanced Value

    Repeat for the second line for Attribute C

     Note: This is for strings

  • Hi,

    this has worked for me.