<uCMDB Support Tip>how to configure credential for WebSphere Protocol


While using J2EE WebSphere Connections by JMX job, there is an error reported that the credential is incorrect.

How to verify the correct credentials are used?



1) In the " Universal Discovery Content Guide – Supported Content " Guide "WebSphere Protocol" and make sure that all the information is entered in the protocols parameters as outlined in the document.


  1. a) "User Name" and "password" - WebSphere admin console user name and password. Make sure you are able to login to the WebSphere admin console using these credentials. Fill out these two fields if the admin console requires credentials to login.


  1. b) "Port Number" - login to the WebSphere admin console and get the SOAP_CONNECTOR_ADDRESS port. in general scenario it’s 8880.


  1. c) "Trust Store File Path" - set this parameter to C:\hp\UCMDB\DataFlowProbe\runtime\probeManager\discoveryResources\j2ee\websphere\<name of the trust store>. you need to get this file from the WebSphere admin. The file is called jks.


  1. d) "Trust Store Password" - You need to get this from WebSphere admin. The password in general scenario is WebAS.

You do not need the keystore file.


2) Try to connect to https://<websphere node IP>:<port number from 1(b)> and make sure you receive an .xml file after adding the certificate to the browser.


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