How to populate only Laptops ad Desktops information from SCCM to uCMDB in SCCM - uCMDB integration

Hi All, I am working on integrating SCCM 2012 with HP uCMDB 10.22. SCCM all information of laptops , desktops, Virtual machines, Servers. We need to move only Laptops and Desktops information from SCCM to uCMDB as our integration plan. For that I am making changes in the orm.xml file in HP uCMDB adapter which we use to integrate HP uCMDB with other tools.. As per my analysis we need make changes only in orm.xml file.. So based on the chassis number of laptops and desktops in SCCM, I have given some filters in the orm.file in hp ucmdb configuration files.. But I didn't see any variations in the data population... I can see all data from SCCM is updating and creating in HP uCMDB. Please find the below screen shot of OOB Orm file and after my changes and suggest me how to achieve the requirement