tql now() function

Hello, I would like to be able to specify the current time to compare specific date fields in a tql query. 

Does someone know if something similar to a now() function is available in uCMDB.



  • On every date attribute, you can put operator "Changed" and "Uncanged" to compare the TQL with the now moment. Keep in mind that if you put this into enrichment, you have to schedule it through the scheduler, since it cannot be "activated" and run constantly. 




  • Hello Petko,

    The "changed / unchanged" operators don't work im my case but thanks to your suggestion I was able to figure out the proper qualifiers.

    I'm trying to query all the Digital Certificates that have a "Valid to"  that occurs within 90 days or that have already passed.

    - The first part of the query is "ValidTo Occurs within 2160 hours"

    - It is for the second part of the query (certificates that have already expired) that I was looking for a "now" function. 

    - The correct query to use for that is "NOT ValidTo Occurs after 0 Hours"

    That will give me the list of all expired certificates using the time the query is executed.

    Thanks again,