How to differentiate the data migrated from SCCM to uCMDB through Integration

Hi Experts, We are integrating MS SCCM with Hp uCMDB. In SCCM we have Laptops, Desktops and Software CIs information. Our goal is to populate those data in uCMDB. We have created Integration point in uCMDB with SCCM database details to populate the data. But once the data populated in uCMDB we have to differentiate the SCCM data with data which is already exists in uCMDB. We can differentiate uCMDB and SCCM data by using created by, updated by attribute values. Apart from this is there any other solution to do this? As per my Analysis we can do it by creating new class in uCMDB. If we done this we have to make changes in out of the box SCCM adapter to populate the SCCM data in new class. If "Creating new class is the best answer then anyone please suggest me how to modify the adapter and also tell me challenges involved in it. Thanks in advance for your kind help, Ayyappa
  • you already have a solution in uCMDB which you mentioned yourself.

    which is to use the updated by, created by attributes. 

    explain your usecase further because I don't see why it's not enough.

  • If you are worried that the updated by value will be overwritten with discovered by xxx down the line then you can create an enrichment rule that populates the notes field of the CI with "populated via SCCM" or something to that effect. The enrichment query should only be looking for any CI's that were created by or updated by SCCM and this way it doesnt matter if the updated by value changes. 

  • Thaks for your reply oofan. These are my requirements 1.Microsft SCCM has all information of Servers, Virtual Machines, Softwares and all windows machines (Laptops and Server) 2.Our Primary goal is to separate these Assets information by moving to separate CI class in uCMDB as Integration plan. 3. Once the Assets data migrated to uCMDB we have to integrate with HP SM to use these Laptops and Desktops to create Incidents. But Below are challenges. 1. CIs in SCCM have all information of Assets. Like Softwares installed in a Machine, Assigned User Name, OS version. Most of the SCCM CI´s information is missing while data coming from SCCM to uCMDB. 2. While Integrating SCCM with uCMDB all Assets are moving to Configuration Items Class. 3. The naming conversion for other types of CIs in uCMDB and Assets from SCCM are same. We have to differentiate these SCCM assets and uCMDB CIs. 4. After we are able to differentiate the Assets information in uCMDB, Using integration We need to move Assets into separate table in HP SM CMDB. Ayyappa.
  • The SCCM to UCMDB class mapping is done via the orm.xml file (search for it in adapter management), it's fairly straight forward however you need to specifiy the SCCM table / column names (in other words, you will need to understand the SCCM schema), check out manual for more info.

    Moving to SM is essential the same, you define the mapping (via a different adapter either using the new UI or the mapping file), then push to SM.