Configuration Manager and Change Management

I'm looking through the CM User Guide and I see this passage written with regards to the Change Authorization process:

By clicking Submit, you are authorizing the proposed changes. This transforms the actual state of the CI into its new authorized state.

If the Change Management integration enabled check box in the Settings page is enabled, validation of the selected RFCs will be logged in the change management system.

What exactly is supposed to happen in Service Manager when I select an RFC when authorizing a CI change?  What do they mean by 'validation of the RFCs will be logged in the change managment system'?

For example, I added a new server CI which CM picked up.  I used CM to open a new RFC in Service Manager, then walked the the RFC through to the Evaluation & Change Closure phase where I feel an RFC would be in a real world deployment when the new server is detected by UD and picked up in CM.  When I Authorized the change in CM, I saw no change in the RFC.  Should I have?  The documentation seems to imply so.

  • Hello,

    As we can see on the guide this task enables you to create an RFC to change a CI that is in breach of a previously defined
    configuration policy. You are able to select multiple CIs, but if the selected CIs breach more than one policy, you are prompted to select the specific policy that you want to remediate, and the CIs that breach other policies are then discarded for this procedure.

    And about what exctly is supposed to happen in Service Manager when I select an RFC when authorizing a CI change? We need to contact someone of SM to give you the correct answer on this. As soon as i contact someone of that team I will post here the answer. 


  • Thanks Ricardo.

    In the case of our client, policies don't enter into the mix.  At present, they aren't at a point in their configuration management processes to define and enforce policies on their CIs.  All they are looking to do at the moment is have UCMDB scan the Actual state of their environment and let CM flag any changes.  During the authorization process, they would then look at the recent RFCs that UCMDB pulled from SM via the federation and select the one(s) responsible for the changes they are authorizing.

    We currently have a service request open with HP regarding the fact that CM is not displaying the recent RFCs tied to CIs.  They've escalated the problem a couple of times so I imagine they've discovered something is pretty broken.  This issue may be responsible for me not seeing any changes in the SM RFC records.  However, it would be nice to know what I'm supposed to see so we can help the client plan their workflow.

    Ricardo, if you can find out anything from the SM people, that would be great.

  • Verified Answer

    I believe what the document is stating is that the authorized state will be pushed to Service Manager and UCMDB.  There is a video describing this here:


    -- Hope this helps!

    Keith Paschal

    UCMDB Worldwide Support Lead

  • Thanks Keith.  That video was just what we were looking for.  When I ran this test before, I didn't see the Activity table updates as they had been moved to a tab on our client's forms and I missed it.  This really helps us out.