Configuration Manager and Change Management

I'm looking through the CM User Guide and I see this passage written with regards to the Change Authorization process:

By clicking Submit, you are authorizing the proposed changes. This transforms the actual state of the CI into its new authorized state.

If the Change Management integration enabled check box in the Settings page is enabled, validation of the selected RFCs will be logged in the change management system.

What exactly is supposed to happen in Service Manager when I select an RFC when authorizing a CI change?  What do they mean by 'validation of the RFCs will be logged in the change managment system'?

For example, I added a new server CI which CM picked up.  I used CM to open a new RFC in Service Manager, then walked the the RFC through to the Evaluation & Change Closure phase where I feel an RFC would be in a real world deployment when the new server is detected by UD and picked up in CM.  When I Authorized the change in CM, I saw no change in the RFC.  Should I have?  The documentation seems to imply so.