UD - Reoccuring Discovery Errors

Hello experts.

We are running the "Range IPs by ICMP" discovery job, which, in turn, triggers three diffrent jobs: "Host Connection by Shell", "Host Connection by WMI" and "Host Connection by SNMP".
My question is in regard to a lot of errors on the "Host Connection by WMI" job.
I can see that a lot of the errors on the job "Host Connection by WMI", do not come from Windows servers, but from linuxs or other networking devices in our environment.

  1. I understand that when a trigger IP is created, it's just an IP address, and UD tries all the discovery jobs available on the trigger CI to get more information about it. But once uCMDB knows it's not a windows server (i.e. linux or cisco switch-router) - how does the discovery job "know" when to stop using this CI? Where is this defined?
  2. When I re-run the discovery job, all the trigger CIs are activated once more - am I correect about this?

Any document or KB references would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you very much in advance,
Binyamin Kisch,
Bezeq International.

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    Hope you are more than great. 

    The Windows domain in which the credentials are defined. If this field is left empty or is not a valid domain, the WMI protocol assumes the user is defined locally on the host. This is the way that the Job can defined is a Windows Ci or not.

    And about the second question, yes, you are rigth. 

    You can fin more information on the guides. UCMDB DataFlow_Mgmt.


    Kind Regards