Architectural Setup Probes, Ip ranges, Management Zones

We started with the ucmdb 8 months ago. The company i am working for is a global company with following IT infrastructure information:

  • 600 plus buildings split among many countries
  • 7600 subnet ranges 
  • manually added to the ranges on the probe and afterwards added to the zones
  • By browsing over the excel sheet supplied by our network team
  • 9 on premise probes split among Datacenter/regions
  • ucmdb servers running in the cloud (SaaS)

Administration of the ranges on the probes / zones is a manual thing. So when ranges are moved from building a to b we need to update this in the ucmdb. Same when a building is being closed. 

This is the way we are working nowadays:

  • Probes are setup for datacenter/regions
  • this means we browse over the excel and check the descirption field which contains the locations
    • Zones are created for the 4 datacenters and the rest based on regions
          • This was done for trouble shooting

I would like to hear from the experts if this is an approach to continue with and how this has been setup in other enterprise companies. Maybe they use dynamic processes for ip mangement when something is changing.

Maybe the network team is managing the ip ranges in the ucmdb talking about ranges, zones etc ?

As we added many full ranges i would like to hear how the experts advise me to work on troubleshooting based on the zones ? I also split them up to have better visibility and options to keep the better overview.







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